Graphics & Branding



Branding is all about creating experiences and connecting your audience. It’s like story telling where listeners enters and interact with a whole new world. The experience will last in the memory of your audience upon first contact with your brand. How would you like to create this experience? We, we listens. Our designers and marketing individual understands the importance of creating a great story for your brand. We believe we can create a great story through the collaboration between us and our customers.







Finding your USP

Look deep into your business and identify factors that makes you great, your Unique Selling Point (USP). USP is the reason why your customers are currently buying your products and it forms the basis of your brand values. Once these are established, we will connect the bridge between your values and our visuals. This connection helps to strengthen your brand image creating a long lasting experience.


 Telling your story

Why do we tell stories? Everybody likes listening to stories, especially the great ones. A story is a window into the minds of the creator where we interacts with our imagination and connects through emotions. The big question is how you want your story to be told ? There are many secret ingredients that creates that unique story of yours. The plot, characters, settings and tone is what makes your story different from other story tellers. 


Creating Visual Devices

The use of visual devices helps you gain more traction and creates a remarkable identity. People will interact with you based on how they understand your logo. It is all about how to incorporate your core values to the common attributes of your logo like colors and shapes, fonts and style. We will create, review and refresh brands according to your target audiences and their cultures.